Your USP

by Sophie on July 14, 2015

Your Unique Selling Point. “I know I am a good healer, but there are so many healers out there (even some good ones, lol), why would anyone want to work with ME?” I hear this from some of my students and the answer is: because you are YOU. Of course you have a to start by being a good professional, but the students who complete 2 years of my program are good professionals. Once you have good tools, being YOU is what matters most.

For example, there are so many coaches out there, how did I choose my most recent coach? Because she used to be a vibrational healer herself, before she was a coach, so I don’t have to explain my practice/business to her. Most coaches just don’t understand what I do and I end up paying them to explain my work to them, which is a waste of my time and money. This coach totally gets my practice and supports me from the inside, without pushing me. Also she has kids around my kids’ ages, so she understands that also. And like me, she is a foreigner where she lives. We have lots in common, she is just further ahead than me. Is she a great professional? Yes of course, but among great professionals, I chose to work with her because of her personal story. The same goes for the 3 healers I call to do the occasional piece of energy work that I can’t do on myself: I relate to their personal stories.

My students often tell me that they chose me to be their healer or theacher because I had kids, I recovered from auto immune illness, I practiced attachment parenting, I homeschooled, or even because I survived childhood trauma and abuse.

Your personal story shapes your relationship with the Divine and makes you a unique channel for Source energy. So while you and I access the same energy from the same Source, how we channel it and what flavour it has when it reaches our client is unique to us. The flavour or energy I channel and how I offer it is perfect and very powerful for my clients but it will not work for everyone. So get out there, be you and offer your unique flavour of healing: the world needs you to. And if you need more training, then join my Awaken the Healer Within class starting in September. Details are here.

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