Worried About Dec 21, 2012?

by Sophie on December 9, 2012

I am often asked what I think is going to happen on Dec 21 this year. I personally feel that nothing will happen then apart from being another Winter Solstice when I can meditate and plant the seeds for what I desire  and want to manifest in the year to come.

The best thing I have read about Dec 21, 2012 is this:

People readily believe predictions of disaster, without question.
In 1993 to 1995, several popular books were published predicting
World War III in 1997, based on interpretations of the writings of
Nostradamus (these books sold millions of copies).

On Jan 1, 2000, all the computers were supposed to crash, being
unable to handle the year changing.

Now the focus has been on Dec 21, 2012 with the Mayan calendar
turning over the equivalent of a new “millennium”. 1997 came and
went, without major incident. Jan 1, 2000 arrived without any
disastrous consequences, and in the same way, life will go on
after Dec 21, 2012.

There are no special planetary alignments anywhere near that date.
Neither is there going to be a pole shift, nor the appearance of
Nibiru (Planet X), or any other such far-fetched claims.

Many groups, teachers, healers, etc. are planning large gatherings
to mark the event.  If you wish to participate in these happenings,
or “ascension” gatherings, by all means do so; the power of group
prayer is inestimable, and formidable.

However, be realistic, and cognisant of the fact that the only real
“ascension” on Dec 21 will be the bank balances of these group leaders.

You may participate in this event without leaving your home; tune-in,
meditate and pray, knowing millions around the world are joined in
bringing in a positive shift in consciousness. You may wish to arrange
a group meditation in your home with family/friends.

by Jyotish Astrologer

Even if the astrologer and I were wrong, I will deal with it on Dec 22 and not worry about it until then!

I think that what people call “the Shift” has already happened. I think we have been awakening at an accelerated pace for about 20 years and at a very fast pace for about 6 years and I think that we are now on the other side. Many of us have chosen to walk through the energy portal that was available to us and we now live a much quieter and purposeful life. So I tend to relax and enjoy it most of the time.

With much Love and Light!



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