With the Help of my Friends

by Sophie on February 19, 2011

Last week just after I wrote Unusual Fear and Sadness, friends started appearing, on FB, in person, by email and on the phone who gave me the warm human support I needed to feel safe and to relax, trust and surrender.

One of my main symptoms had been a massive migraine headache, which lasted for days and was quite debilitating. I used to suffer from migraines when I was younger and had not had one in a long time. For me they always mean that I am resisting spiritual growth. A loving friend sent me enough healing energy to get rid of the headache but it was replaced with exhaustion, which means that I was still resisting something. Why do I resist it at that time? Because it is being sent to me from above, in Divine timing. Either I forgot that I asked for the transformation or I feel that I don’t have the human support to integrate the changes at that moment. In my forgetting and self pity, I suddenly act like it’s smart to resist grace.

Finding others who were going through very similar experiences at the same time gave me faith that I was not alone in this, that it was not just me being weird or depressed. So I was able to take my own advice and completely trust and surrender into whatever I was being taught, shown, led to.

Of course as soon as  I did one of my best and wisest friends appeared on FB wanting to chat.  She said the wisest, most supportive and loving things to me. She gave me a sensible, practical, truthful, LOVING answer to every one of my concerns. I thanked her for it and she said she had channeled those answers for me. Why was I not surprised? An hour later I was at peace, I had answers, I was not feeling lonely, I was feeling loved and appreciated. That’s why I was able to relax, trust and surrender. Because I had the loving human company of someone who really sees me and really understands me. And still loves me.

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1 Michelle February 19, 2011 at 3:29 am

Sophie, I think things are coming for up for all of us because of the times we are living in….things that are in our cells, our energy system, our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirit…we can’t always know what it is or what specifically is causing it..but having wise friends helps..when I have been so lost in hopelessness, someone always comes along to give me an insight I didn’t have strength to search for…I have found that people I call friends, whom I have never met–have a special connection to me..sometimes feels like we are part of the same soul group..I’m happy for you that you have wonderful friends like this, and that you are feeling better…Our Earth Mother is shifting and so are we-may the process be fully accepted and surrendered to–I know that always helps me..Namaste’ dear one~


2 Sophie February 20, 2011 at 10:21 pm

Thank you Michelle! Things are definitely changing! For the better IMHO. And we all need community and support to enjoy the change.


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