With the Divine 24/7

by Sophie on October 26, 2010

The essence of what I offer my clients is the connection that I was given as a result of prayers, intention and a desire to live with the Divine 24/7.

Of course we are all capable of such connection and I believe it is the mutation of our century that as a race we are becoming increasingly capable of hearing what God says to us and of implementing the message in our every day lives.

The practicality of what I offer my clients in a session or a class is a variety of ways and methods that I learned from a dozen different energy workers and combined into my own healing system. Why do we need the methods and the tools? To remove the blocks that stop us from connecting to the Divine and from hearing Its message.

When we trust completely and surrender wholeheartedly, we become further enlightened in an instant and all methods and healing become superfluous. Loving energy flows from Source and transforms us immediately. When we have the support to learn to anchor such an experience in our every day life, we can be with the Divine 24/7 and disconnection becomes the rare exception. That is when we bring Heaven on Earth.

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