Winter Solstice

by Sophie on December 11, 2011

Winter solstice is approaching fast and I have gone into a spontaneous mild trance. It happens every year and before I understood the energies that surround Dec 21, the trance used to get in the way of Christmas preparation (true of any holiday, whatever your family’s tradition). Now that I understand what’s going on, life is much easier and the Solstice is much more productive.

In a nutshell, the Winter Solstice is the time to germinate the spiritual, emotional and financial seeds that will grow into your life and be harvested next summer and fall.

Sept 21 marks the end of the harvest and the energetic end of the year (NOT Dec 30!). Fall is a lull to reflect on what worked and what didn’t and to decide what you want for next year. Around Halloweenyou embrace your own shadow and let go of what died or failed. Yes, you can hide behind a costume and sweeten the bitter pill with candy but you do need to release old stuck stuff, from the deepest levels of your being. In November you set your intention with gratitude for what WILL be as well as what has been and plant the seeds of your future deep deep into your unconscious, before the ground freezes over.

Seeds germinate in the dark when everything looks like it has gone to sleep. It’s the same with us. That’s why the time leading up to the Winter Solstice (Dec 21  in the Northern Hemisphere) is  the time to go within, to put our conscious mind to ‘sleep’, i.e. to go into a deep meditation and to communicate with the Universe and its infinite possibilities! It is a time when a mild trance that induces surrender and heart opening is a good thing.

From a spiritual and manifestation point of view, December is not a good time to get busy and active. It is a time to mellow and sleep, to follow the energy waves of mother Earth and of the Divine Mother.

  • Make time for yourself between now and Dec 23. A lot of time.
  • Think purposefully and in detail about what you want to see happen next year (Yes, you can still make your vision board if you didn’t do it in October and November). Day-dream in detail and in color, surrender the how, imagine the outcome with as much positive emotion as possible.
  • Feel the Divine Mother holding you in the depth of her watery womb. She is about to birth your life again. Why do you think that the Christian Savior, the bringer of Light and Love is said to have been born at this time of year? (when the real date is maybe September, or May, or…?)
  • Wear turquoise jewelry or clothes or have some turquoise on your altar for connection with the Mothering Divine Feminine.
  • Remember that Winter Solstice is a Portal. So making yourself lighter helps you go through it easily: eating more lightly and letting go of negative beliefs and patterns always help in that process. You can call me and make an appointment, I am available for sessions at this time of year. I am in the vortex already and I invite you to join me there to raise your vibration as well.

As for Xmas preparations, I make sure they are all done by the first week in December so I can relax into the Solstice and join the crowd again on December 24 and 25. Easy now I figured out how…

The beautiful peace mandala illustrating my article is from my talented friend Sue O’Kieffe. She has more mandalas on her beautiful blog here.

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