Why What You Eat Matters to your Spirituality

by Sophie on July 6, 2009

Everything in our world has a specific vibration. Some are denser than others. In order to channel as much light as we can, we need to be congruent: to have a body vibration that is as close to the divine as we can possibly make it.

We are what we eat. So we need to make sure that what we eat supports our ascenssion. When we eat something that weighs a ton in our stomach, requires a lot of energy to digest or creates toxins, we are using an un-necessary amount of energy to perform a basic survival function. Energy is like time and money: you cannot spend it twice. What is gone into digestion is not available for meditaion, thinking or smiling.

Of course we need to eat. Better even if we en-JOY what we eat. I personally love food and en-JOY daily. But I make sure that it is easy for my body to assimilate. Why make my body’s work any harder than it needs to be? My body is my friend, my support, an expression not only of my soul but of the Divine manifesting itself on earth. I want to work WITH my body.

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