Why We Are Affected by Robin Williams’ Death

by Sophie on August 12, 2014

I am surprised that anyone is surprised about Robin Williams’ alleged suicide. He always seemed to me as if he was desperate to make us laugh because his humor was coming from a place of intense sadness. His eyes alternated between tender, amused compassion, great sadness and a deep acceptance of how people are and that can only come from a place of knowing great pain and having faced his own demons.

I think we are so affected by¬† Robin Williams’ passing because he was extremely relatable in his vulnerability, so many of us see ourselves and our loved ones in him. His silent struggle was the daily struggle of so many people around us, who feel disconnected, lonely, isolated. He ‘lost the battle’. What if our loved ones did too?

Passed the moment of initial sadness for our loss of him and of compassion for his family, I think the message here is for us to

1- look for and ask for support whenever we are depressed. Now. Today. Pick up the phone.

2- look after and reach out to others among our friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances when we notice they are depressed

3- do all the work we can as healers. Helping ppl who suffer from depression is one of the main reasons that I work as a healer.

So if you are shocked and saddened by Robin Williams’ passing: go hug a friend, call them, offer them healing, invite them over for a meal. BE HUMAN, MAKE CONNECTION, OFFER FRIENDSHIP.

Together, we heal.

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