Why Natural Disasters Affect Us So Much

by Sophie on March 13, 2011

Why do natural disasters affect some of us so much even when they happen so far away from where we live and even when they do not involve anybody we know personally?

The first reason I think is normal human empathy: we are wired to love, to protect and to want to cooperate and help. So when we hear of people who have done us no harm being in trouble, our first response is to want to help.

This natural reaction is made worse by the fact that nowadays we see pictures of the disasters in color, repeatedly and often in real time. Like a well crafted horror movie movie is meant to make us feel that this horror could happen to us too, the way news is reported nowadays makes us feel that this is happening to us and creates more fear than a verbal or written second hand account.

The second reason I think is that on vibrational levels that we do not often consciously perceive and cannot yet measure scientifically, we know that something potentially dangerous for us is happening somewhere on the earth that supports our life. We know that this disaster could spread to where we live. We know the earth is moving and it’s rarely good news for mammals who stand on two feet. So on that level, a natural disaster any where in the world affects people who are sensitive to their environment and I could tell you many anecdotal stories to support that.

The third reason I think is that when we witness sudden and unjustifiable pain, death and hardship on such a large scale, we can feel lost and out of control and be reminded of all the time that we felt lost and out of control. I think natural disasters remind us of our own personal dramas, losses, insecurities, trauma or even abuse.

If you are having a very adverse reaction to news about natural disasters, it might help to contact your healer, counselor or therapist and ask for the support you need to dig a little deeper, find out what is upsetting you so deeply and decide how yo can best regain your balance. Or give me a call: I can certainly help with that!

With Love and Peace.

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