Why Intention Matters

by Sophie on July 29, 2010

Because matter aggregates around intention. The clearer your intention is, the more easily and clearly things happens.

I am often asked how I do what I do. How I manipulate energy so easily and so effectively. And the truth is that I just decide! I decide what is going to happen. I decide to see a client in perfect health so their energy system can align themselves to my intention for their health.

I decided that I wanted to know the Divine and life provided me with opportunities and experiences that led me to enlightening moments. Having met the Divine, i decided that I wanted to live in the Heart of God 24/7 and again I was given chances to grow into that direction.

I decide WHAT I want. Of course HOW it is given to me is often up to the Divine! (call it the Universe if you want)

So JUST DECIDE! Decide wholeheartedly, with warm positive emotions. Decide on a clear intention and allow your world to nudge you, push you, carry you in the right direction until you get what you said you wanted. Until your intention becomes your everyday reality.

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