Why Human Angels Have Painful Childhoods

by Sophie on November 4, 2013


Human angels are easily repressed in childhood because they are born eager to please. The mission of their soul is to help. Their nature is designed to make them helpers. Helping and supporting is the facet of the Divine that they embody and enact. So when disciplined like other children, they are often emotionally crushed, which leads to them having low self esteem, often for the rest of this human life. Of course their soul is not affected by low self esteem as they know who they are and what their purpose is. That deep spiritual confidence can make them seem arrogant to non-spiritual people who do not understand where the Human Angel’s deep peace comes from. This misunderstanding can easily lead to more and worse repression of the Human Angel as an individual if s/he appears to be defiant and non-compliant.

Because of their desire to help Human Angels are often born in difficult circumstances, families and places where their help is needed. Such circumstances often lead to deep wounding. Some Human Angels are so crippled by their childhood that it is very difficult for them to fulfill their potential as helpers. With support though, they can usually recover enough to be a loving support to others.

The third common issue is that Human Angels choose lives where they can learn about how abuse works from the inside so they can understand it, recognise it, challenge it and help dismantle it later, when they have the power of an adult. Of course living as a person who is abused, or sometimes even abusing, over several life times, is extremely painful.

I believe these are the three main reasons why so many Human Angels have a difficult childhood, a history of having been violated, low self esteem, poor boundaries and a tendency to sadness.

If you recognise any of this as your truth, I am glad you read this article. Please look after yourself and create for yourself the support that you deserve and that you need to continue your soul’s work. If you think this is nonsense, I am glad you do not have to suffer what Human Angels go through over lifetimes.

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1 Heather November 4, 2013 at 2:18 pm

Hi Sophie,

Reading this really hit me! This definitely resonates with me. At a certain level I understand why this is so and how it is meant as a learning experience and a way to cultivate compassion. My experiences have definitely given me more compassion for others.

I now have strong boundaries and no longer have abuse in my life, but it is hard to not feel disappointed in humanity sometimes, I guess the disappointment would include myself too since I am human. Sometimes I really feel stuck in the density and intensity of it all. Are there any tools that you use or know of that help with this?


2 Sophie November 6, 2013 at 12:22 am

Hi Heather,

thank you for sharing your story. Everything I have learned over the years and all the tools that I use for myself I offer in individual healing sessions (over the phone). I also teach them in a class that starts in September every year.

Call me or email me if you want to talk about it and check if it might help you.


3 Sandra Zeller July 2, 2016 at 8:43 am

I always knew I was one of God’s Angel’s…my first memory is coming down through the clouds with a angel on both sides bringing me down…..than a light came to me an kept saying over an over that there was a perpose for the pain an suffering…I was only 5or 6 I cried out for my Aunt an she came in the room shut the door an turnoff the light ta show me there was nothing there….but when she left the light came back an kept saying the same thing over an over …I would put my head under the covers an it would stop but when I looked at the light it would tell me the same thing….at the time I didn’t understand until this lady showed up an told me she was my mom ….than my life changed ta a living nightmare she let her brother’s have there way with me… anyway since than weman would come an tell me there story an I have changed at lest two ppl’s life’s so it wasn’t for nothing….an I still have a good heart an help ppl out an have been burned but I will still help out who I can….this last year I’ve helped two ppl out an lost my apt,my therapy dog from one of the ppl I helped, he won’t tell me what he did with her, an nother destored my apt, while the apt manager watched an didn’t call the cops, than she kicked me out for it, so am homeless….but I have hope that one day I will help the right person out…so through all this I have hope an I will survive as always an will still help out who I can….but thank u for the insight an letting me know that what I knew was true an I wasn’t crazy as everyone say….ty. 🙂


4 Patricia Singleton November 4, 2013 at 4:29 pm

I have had several wise teachers tell me this so I have come to accept it as a truth for my own life. I look at struggles as challenges and lessons in life. Once I learn a lesson, I can move on to the next. I thank God for the strength that I have always had to survive. Today I work as an advocate to help other survivors of incest to find their healing path as I found mine. We are not alone on this journey. Thank you for being a part of my journey, Sophie.


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