Why Everything Matters

by Sophie on May 6, 2009

Life is a collection of small moments. When we look back or look ahead we see the whole and call it ‘my life’, but really there is no such thing as ‘my life’ since it is only my consciousness going from one moment to another and each moment is over in a second.

Each instant is an opportunity to access infinity and eternity. Clear intention attracts energy to aggregate around the focal point and create an energy pattern, then light, then a shape, and later maybe a more ‘solid reality’ such as a planet or a person or an object etc. But at the core of the object we see with our eyes, is nothingness, emptiness, just like at the core of the time that I call ‘my life’, there is nothing solid.

This spaciousness is good news and means several things to us as strands of consciousness having a human experience on earth:

1- every moment, every little thing matters because every moment and every little thing is all we really have. There is no moment greater than another. Some moments have a stronger desire or intention in them and so they have further reaching consequences. But they have no superior value as such, which means you can’t really mess up, you are just trying different options at different times.

2- between 2 instants there is SO MUCH SPACE (and therefore time) that we can change our ‘whole life’ in that infinite space. That is where ‘instant healing’ , also called Quantum Healing, happens. That is what we call a ‘miracle’. That is why we can literally change our life in an instant. Whic means that you can always start anew.

3- our intention is paramount because it is the focal point around which the quantum and the moments that make up our ‘life’ aggregate and organize themselves. Every little thing matters because every intention becomes matter.

So our intelligence creates intention which is a focal point. Quantum and moments of ‘time’ aggregate around our focus. The addition of those moments is what we perceive as our life. But really it is a forever changing, forever in motion, forever dynamic creation. The good news of course is that if we don’t like what we have in ‘my life’, just can change it, in an instant!

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