Why Do We Resist Healing?

by Sophie on November 13, 2010

We resist healing when we are protecting  a part of us that is really precious and valuable to us, a part that of us that is really sensitive and that was very hurt.

I find the best way to dissolve resistance is not to talk about it or think about or feel bad for doing it, it’s to balance it out by bringing more loving support in your life. The more support you have you have, the more you can trust and trust is what dissolves resistance and allows us to flow and to¬† thrive.

Support often needs to be a blend of practical, physical, emotional and spiritual support, from family members, partners, friends, support groups, church if you go, reading groups, mentors, therapists or healers. The more of a web you have, the more support you receive every day, the more you GET USED TO TRUSTING. You create new habits, new pathways in your brain and nervous system, new emotions, a new chemical balance in your body. You create a habit of trust. Then resistance fades away without you even noticing.

I offer support to abuse survivors and to people who want to raise their vibration into the Heart of God. Contact me if you think I can help you. And leave me a comment about your habit of trust!

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