Why Do We Have Ascension Symptoms?

by Sophie on November 17, 2010

Our bodies remember everything that happened to us in this life time. Often a specific event created a specific emotional reaction which is a specific hormonal or chemical reaction in the body. When those chemicals are stored in fat tissue or vital organs they can resurface later onĀ  and make us feel like we did when they were first created.

As we awaken, or ascend, we raise our vibration. We change the way we see things and feel about life. In order to be able to hold that new world view, we need to create a new chemical balance. For that to happen the old chemicals need to go. As we release them and they flow through our body on their way out, they make us feel like we did the first time. The happy memories are easy to deal with and we are happy to re-live them. The negative emotions are more difficult to accept.

In my next post I will look at how we can do that more easily to keep our balance as we awaken.

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