Why All the Drama?

by Sophie on December 15, 2010

I think Western culture is addicted to drama. It makes us feel alive. It makes us FEEL.

We are told NOT to feel for most of our childhood. Do you remember all the: “That doesn’t hurt!” even though the toddler is crying with pain. “You should be happy about this”  to a sulking, sad child. “You will love it when you are there” to a kid who repeatedly said he/she did NOT want to go again to something they have already experienced and did not like. In these situation, the people in charge, the people we trust, tell us that what we are feeling is not real. They ask us to comply with what they want us to feel so we switch off our own feelings and emotions.

The problem with switching off our feelings is that:

  1. It’s crazy making: we learn not to trust our own reality. We learn that we are wrong. Does this hurt or not hurt? My body says it hurts. My Mom/Dad say it doesn’t. Which is true?
  2. Emotions are the gateway to our spirituality. We need our emotions to tell us how we are doing. Depressed? Sad? We need to change something and move on! Relaxed? Keep doing something that is clearly working! Happy? Joyful? That means we are allowing ourselves to flow with Source energy. Do you see why it matters to know how we feel?

Our soul knows we need to feel to find our way to the Divine. Our energy system knows it needs to feel to stay balanced. Our body knows it needs to feel to assess if it’s safe and doing what we need to do to thrive. So to heal from the crazy making numbness, to kick-start our ability to feel in spite of years of conditioning, we go to the other extreme: drama.

Drama makes us feel alive. It gives us the highs and the lows. It makes us feel again. And we like feeling. We are hardwired to feel. So we become addicted to strong emotions.

In my next post I will talk about about the problem with drama.

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1 Shelly Kramer December 16, 2010 at 8:03 pm

You’re so right, Sophie. It often seems as though we thrive (as a society) on drama. And while there are definitely highs associated with it, the lows often aren’t so great. Personally, I can’t wait to hear what you’ve got up your sleeve!!



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