Where My Attunements Come From

by Sophie on March 21, 2013

We know that all of the Universe is God in the process of creating and experiencing itself. That’s why God is everywhere: in each one of us and in all of nature. As above so below.

Beyond this general knowing that God is everywhere and that we are all a part of God, I sometimes go to a different level of knowing, to a more focused point that feels like the Heart of God, where ideas are very new and really clear. There I am given a new idea or a new attunement (like this one) to pass on to others and then boom, just like that, I suddenly live in a completely different world.

Such big downloads slow down my other activities and require some conscious management. So I have to remember to make time for myself after they happen. Self care makes the integration process smoother. It’s my job to keep myself balanced enough to receive those downloads nd to share the attunements.

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1 Barton S. Parsons June 1, 2013 at 7:00 am

We’ve all heard that thoughts are things, and how our thoughts attract things to our lives. Well, after getting kicked around by a few bad bosses and surviving a near-fatal car accident, I sat down and began the long, slow process of trying to make my things and thoughts match what I wanted. Every day, I’d tell myself and try to remember that thoughts are things, and I’d work like hell to watch my mouth and keep myself uplifted and positive. That didn’t last long, though. It often proved just too difficult for me to get past the messy life circumstances that I saw around me. Ok, so there I was with ‘thoughts are things’ again. I knew I needed to find a way, a reason to build toward that, so I decided to put my character under construction.


2 Sophie June 4, 2013 at 7:12 pm

Well done for working on how you think and what you say. I find that energy work, by removing blocks can help you shift faster and more easily towards more positive habits of your choice.


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