What to do About Panetary Awakening

by Sophie on May 16, 2009

So you read my post Planetary Awakening and you know I am talking about YOU.
Maybe you had a near death experience.
Maybe you had a spontaneous enlightenment experience as a child. Or enlightenment came after years of practice.
Maybe you always knew that you were extraordinarily sensitive and intuitive. Or you remember the days when you had access to your ‘gift’: seeing angels, seeing or hearing (more common) deceased loved ones, ‘knowing’ things before they happened. Hearing messages, having visions that came to pass.

Maybe you were always sensitive and intuitive and you know you are changing every day and you cannot ignore this rising tide of information and abilities.
Maybe you have always had a sense of being an angel. Or you remember life on another planet or in another era on earth. For whatever reason you understand the Universe ‘out there’ because you go there on a regular basis. You know that in the beginning was the end. You know that point zero is all and that everything contracts and expands beyond what we can ever imagine. You are wise beyond your years.

What we see now are adults being spontaneously activated and suddenly becoming aware of increased intuition or healing powers. Most of them did not particularly ask for this, they really are not sure what to do with it or how to use it. They have not been trained on how to focus this newly found energy or ability and it often makes a mess of their lives. Either because they try to repress it, which makes them physically ill or because they try to use it without guidance or protocol and end up with TMI (Too Much Information).

Such sensitivity and ability to perceive the truth comes with the ability to be very hurt in human interactions until you realize that good boundaries can protect you and I would urge you to train with a reputable healer to learn the skills that will allow you to use your gifts and skills as blessings and not suffer from them.

Make an appointment here if you want me to help you with this.

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