What is Your Soul Contract?

by Sophie on August 14, 2010

Your soul contract is what your soul promised to achieve before you incarnated.

You may have made that decision 5 minutes before you were born, as you were dying in a previous life, as you took oaths in past lives, as you were being created during what we think of as the Big Bang or even before that.

Some soul contracts are temporary, a short lesson, some are ‘dyed in the wool’, part of what your aspect of Divinity has always been.

It is my experience and that of many of my clients that it really helps to know what your current Soul Contract is because then you realize that:

  1. you chose it
  2. there is a very good reason for all those unexplainable things in your life
  3. you can change it
  4. you know who you are.

So if you know what your Soul Contract is but you want to know how to act on it or if you want to find to what it is, contact me and book an appointment!

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