What Does it Feel Like to be Overwhelmed by Intuition and Empathy?

by Sophie on September 1, 2012

We talked about exactly that in my sample class on Wednesday. Here is what we covered:

  1. what it feels like to be a healer and how overwhelming it can be
  2. what happens when we discover our healing powers
  3. what happens when we ignore our healing abilities

I offered an attunement and we did energy work on removing fears around

  • being a healer
  • owning our power
  • finding the core of who we are.

We talked about turning all our ‘can’t’ (find the energy to do all we need to do, drink, party, be around noise and busy places) into ‘I can be a healthy healer’ and how to end the loneliness that so many healers feel.

Here’s the Link to the Replay Page:

Enjoy the replay and please send it to all the women you think may benefit from it in this Blue Moon week end of letting go of fear and owning our power!

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