What does a Quantum Healer Do?

by Sophie on June 1, 2009

I remove pain and replace it with love.

That’s what I do in a nutshell: take away the pain, erase the trauma and create joy.

We all have our history, and our stories, that we carry around: it is now proven that the body remembers everything that happened to it since conception (some would say before that: past lives, family karma, DNA). Whenever we have a strong emotion, positive (pleasure, love) or negative (fear, lack, jealousy), a chemical reaction happens that the body remembers. Sometimes we store some of the chemicals away in fat or in vital organs and they keep on telling that same old story, making us feel ‘stuck’ .

When the trauma is strong, the meridians, energy pathways and normal bodily functions can be disturbed, causing dis-ease on some level.

As a healer this is what I do :

1- I read your energy to find where the blocks are.

2- I ask your body, your soul or the Divine to show me/tell me the story: what happened? Why did it become the way it is now?

3- I ask your body how it wants to be for optimum health.

4- I dissolve the trauma, the bad memory or the negative pattern back into love (remember: energy never disappears, it can only be transformed into something else).

5- We download into your body the positive patterns needed for health.

Et voila: love is back. And love always flows. So as soon as the body is back to being love, its energy starts flowing back to health. Re-balancing.

Some clients experience pain relief from the moment I see or describe the pattern of their dis-ease, some feel the work as it is happening and others experience relief after the work is done. (Some individuals have changed just from meeting me on Twitter!)

That is what a Quantum Healer does: love you very much, talk to your body and listen to its story, transmute pain into love and send you home happy, to lead an easier life.

And why do I call it ‘Quantum’ Healing’?

Because when I work I see energy patterns. I watch them transform as you heal and they look very much like what quantum and string theory physicists describe both at sub-atomic level and out there in the universe.

Depression, for example, feels and looks to me like what scientists describe as a black hole. Past lives make a mockery of what we think of as ‘time’. When I look at diabetes, I see crystals of insulin frozen by trauma like some strange chemical that cannot stay fluid under extreme conditions.

According to the physicist Jan Zaanen, “String Theory tells you that there are deep relationships between the nature of space and time and quantum physics.” (Jessica Griggs, New scientist, 1 June 2009)

And the depth of healing I am comfortable and fluent with tells you that there are deep relationships between the nature of space and time and quantum matter and your everyday life, your health and your happiness!

Remember: YOU can be pain free and have more love and joy in YOUR life as well. If you’re in pain, this is for YOU!!

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