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by Sophie on September 4, 2015

“As I shared in my book The Birth of Magdalena, When I met Sophie Lhoste Healer at a women’s gathering, I had started to learn how to tune in to the messages that my body was giving me. I had learned to interpret my symptoms symbolically and see how the stories that I was carrying affected my physical health. I was in this phase where I could see it happening, but I didn’t know how to stop it. So, when I had a client lead me on with the promise of a big payday and then turn and thrust a few dollars of gas money into my hand, it triggered all of my past abuse history. I felt used and I was pissed. I felt the pain from the experience settle into my bladder and start to make me sick. I tried all of the herbs and homeopathic treatments that usually helped, but the infection got worse. Because I was traveling, I broke down and got a prescription for antibiotics, but even that didn’t help.

When I got to the weekend I was in so much pain that I couldn’t eat or sleep and I saw my dreams for the weekend washing away in a wave of pain.  So in that moment, I was desperate enough to step out of my comfort zone and ask for help. And I am so glad that I did, because that is how I met Sophie. She offered to help me feel better with energy work, and asked for my permission to remove what was causing my pain. In just a matter of moments, the fever and pain from the infection was gone from my body. She also found some other issues that were connected to that and asked if she could release those as well. She acknowledged my inner wisdom about how being “pissed off” and feeling used and abused had triggered the bladder infection and she let me speak my truth, but then she released the energy of it from my body so that it no longer needed to hurt. Because of her I was able to have an amazing weekend but it also opened up so many possibilities for me.

There are many teachers that show you how to identify your patterns or your self-limiting beliefs, but they do not know how to release them energetically. There are books and trainings that help to raise your awareness of what you are attracting, but they do not show you how to change the way that you think and feel.  I had learned that I needed to listen to my body, but that energy session with Sophie made me really believe that it was actually possible to heal. I had not realized before that I could really let go of the stories that were no longer serving me and that it was possible to stop being in pain. Feeling the infection heal so quickly and the pain simply float away was a huge gift to me.” ~ Mb Antevasin


Disclaimer: This is one client’s account of how she perceived the energy work I shared with her after she had consulted her own physician and taken the recommended medication. I did not diagnose or cure any medical condition. My only purpose was to support her energetically so that her body and energy system could find their own healing wisdom.

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