What Do I DO? Protect Women Energetically

Posted on September 1, 2015

I had a friend whose ex used to storm into her house yelling at her. We placed crystals in her bathroom turned in the direction of his house. We placed loving protection around her house. we did healing work with her to heal the violation of her boundaries and the fear his violent intrusions had created.

the following time he stormed into her property yelling, he stopped outside and yelled at her from outside but did not go in. He must have felt foolish because he stopped this behavior.

A younger client, in her 20s, was harassed by her mother entering her appartment uninvited and criticing her every life choice. We placed loving energy protection around her appartment and did some energy work with my client to heal her inner victim. Next time her mom came to visit her, she hung around the porch and did not seem to be able to make it inside my client’s appartment.

You can’t prove that energy work is the reason the ex and the mom changed their behavior but I believe it is and so did my clients. That is what I DO with energy work.

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