What Do I DO? Help With Travel Anxiety

by Sophie on September 9, 2015

During one of my private sessions with Sophie Lhoste Healer, we dealt with old feelings (mostly anxiety) around travel. For most of my life, anytime I would approach an airport or train station, whether I was traveling or just picking up or dropping off others, it would bring nothing but waves and waves of anxiety. Even knowing the causes of it, I could not shake the physical, involuntary reactions.

Yesterday I had agreed to drive a friend to the airport and not just to the one in Newark, NJ, but all the way into NY to JFK airport. JFK airport is where I flew out of a lot as a child to go to overseas and where many of the anxious moments were experienced.

Happy to report that before I knew it we were at the drop off point and I had NOT ONE ounce of any negative emotion! I drove my friend’s car back home and drove out of there like it was no big deal. There was ZERO stress or anxiety. In addition, I made no wrong turns and did not experience any road rage, even when sitting in traffic or having people cut me off. It was a long day and a long drive, but the difference was amazing!!

By L.S., artist and small business manager.

L.S. is not the only person whose travel anxiety has been helped by energy work. In fact, I discovered Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing when I was looking to alleviate travel anxiety. Several of my clients have experienced similar improvement. First we uncover the repressed negative emotions and body memories, then we remove them from our energy system. Sometimes the issue can have a link to family karma or past life memories, which can also be removed, allowing our energy system to re-balance and deal with travelling issue one moment at a time, in live reality, rather than how we remember or anticipate them.

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