What do I DO? Heal Ancestral Chatter

by Sophie on August 29, 2015

I had a client who had trouble making a very specific type of decisions. When we looked closer and listened in, we realised that many of her matrilineal ancestors were really invested in her well being, as if she was still living with them, and that every time my client tried to make that kind of decision, each ancestor chimed in with an opinion, to the point where my client could not ‘hear herself think’.

We respectfully showed her ancestors how intrusive their chatter was and asked them to give my client some space to think on her own and to make decisions congruent with the modern day and age she lives in now. She said she felt very different as a result of our work together, much more free to think and decide.

I have since met other women, and even some men, who had similar issues with opinionated ancestors, and who were very relieved when we did similar energy work. That is the kind of thing I DO with energy work.

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