Weird Week

by Sophie on May 9, 2015

It’s been a weird energetic week for many of us. Strangeness seems to be going around, with old issues raising their heads unexpectedly. Sometimes it feels nearly punitive for no good reason. Many are also finding it difficult to stay centered and grounded, even the practiced veterans.

I am not sure what is causing this at this stage, but I feel that the only way to move through it/out of it is to let go of more. To let go of what I think I can’t let go of, to change beyond what I could imagine becoming last week. To surrender to Divine Enfolding is what I am trying to say I think. And yes, my physical body and my psychological body both find it very uncomfortable. But beyond the letting go that I did not think I could do, I am finding oceans of Peace, so I will go for that.

Of course, if this does not apply to you and you are having a great time of it, then just keep doing what you are doing!

Blessings to all! Together we heal.

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