We are Living Through Intense Times

by Sophie on July 25, 2011

I really do not buy into the 2012 catastrophic end of the world scenario but I have to say that since March 21 of this year, universal energies have intensified again and are buffeting all the healers and light workers I know. It does not feel like a mindless chaotic storm at all. It feels like we are being relentlessly pushed to uncover the truth about ourselves to clearly see what parts of our lives are aligned with our Soul’s purpose and what parts are holding us back.

Once we have become aware of the joys and of the issues, we are steadily guided (or pushed) until we let go of the patterns that don’t work.

I have been working on myself every day since March,  I have had other healers work on me and I have joined 2 healers groups where we support each other as colleagues. I have uncluttered my home several times, assessed friendships and relationships, let go of a lot and created space in many ways.

I have looked at my own patterns and let go some more.

I feel like I am just coming out of a 4 month intensive spiritual retreat. I am looking around and life is easier, sweeter and more interesting than ever before. I feel that I have choices and deep joy is welling up. I feel protected in times of uncertainty through deep, fast changes. (Read my Psychic Protection article for tips)

It’s good to be back here and blogging again as I have missed you all tremendously while I was experiencing change so deep that I could not talk about it or share it.

Let me know if you are going through similar transformation, I would love to hear your story!

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1 Dan Hays July 26, 2011 at 12:20 pm

Boy does this one resonate for me, Sophie! I feel like in the past couple of months I have been going through spiritual healing boot camp. Glad to have my experience validated by your similar process. And yes, I am now resting up but feeling lighter, more free and prepared to fulfill my destiny.

Part of my healing journey has been a process of writing about some old abuse that was weighing me down. I have published chapters as I have written them for an online magazine. In mid-May I had to stop for a couple of months. I had just written about the deepest of the abuse. I didn’t realize at the time, but exposing that to the light of day had an enormous healing benefit. I see that now, as I am feeling the freedom and effects.

Interestingly, all of this abuse was about claiming my gift as a writer. And now my writing has been empowered in amazing new ways. I am able to write with a free hand joyfully and freely – and it’s wonderful!

Thanks, Sophie, for once again giving me a guidepost to navigate from!


2 Sophie July 30, 2011 at 1:58 pm

It has been uncanny how similar and parallel our experiences have been for the past couple of years! The past 2 months have also been about uncovering and revealing to my inner circle the worst of childhood abuse I did not know about. It was much worse than I had previously thought. Uncovering it was unsettling and shocking to me. Integrating that healing took a while but is ultimately freeing. Thank you for your honest and reliable companionship Dan.


3 Kim Vazquez July 26, 2011 at 2:56 pm

Hi Sophie,

Dan Hays sent me a link to this post. Boy, do I ever relate!

Earlier this year I began to receive guidance from my guides that this year would be for restoration. Purification was mentioned and I was even told that healers and light workers would have our feet held to the fire. Even though I was warned, I had no idea what I was in for! I see in retrospect that I misinterpreted the message. At the time, the word “restoration” was associated with a nice, calming energy. I had no idea that it was the calm before the storm!

I’ve begun to think of the process (that I’m still smack dab in the middle of) as “The Invitation.” Through this process I am also seeing that I’m being invited to live an even lighter and joyous life, but that I must do this new level of work, first. I confess- the work has been brutal, excrutiating even, but I can tell you that there’s movement. What’s moving on and out of me are the lowest levels of stuffed pain and emotional trauma. I thank the Creator that I had a long taste of how beautiful life can be (in the last few years) so that I have some reference point for what awaits me at the end of this phase. That’s what’s keeping me going.

That, and posts like this from others who are already out the other end.
Peace & Love to you sister,


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