Vibrational Attunement

by Sophie on June 25, 2011

I was working with a client recently and she really got it. She had requested a session to receive an attunement. I talked to her for a while, walked her through my Grounding Meditation to make sure she was in a stable place, made sure she connected to the Light, which she did very easily thanks to her solid meditation practice. I connected her to the strand of energy that she had requested and asked for it to flow into her body and she felt it physically. She said: “It feels like a vibration” And she was right! That is exactly what an attunement does: it brings a different vibration into the body and the whole energy system of the recipient, raising their vibration permanently.

That’s what happens for everyone who receives an attunement. It was fantastic that she was sensitive and aware enough to really feel it and experience the raising of her vibration physically!

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