Trust and Surrender

by Sophie on January 20, 2011

After my post about Spiritual Intention, my wonderful friend Lisa Morrison posted a comment about “Struggling with the trust and surrender part”. I think it’s a fairly common reaction because most of us were raised in a culture where trust and surrender are not encouraged. Not to mention the lack of trust that is the result of hurt and abuse (Read Abuse is Confusing).

Trusting individuals are often considered to be naive, uneducated and not very savvy.  Surrender is mostly seen as a sign of weakness because it is confused with submission. (Submission is being beaten down and made to give in, but surrender is choosing to give in. I wrote about this in How to Surrender.) Also Western knowledge is mostly intellectual and does not leave much room for us to learn, grow and decide from the heart.

As a result of which most of us learn to be stubborn to controlling and suspicious, skeptical or cynical. Often, the more educated we are the more we use our heads and the less we use our hearts.

In comes the Divine and our soul’s desire to know Oneness with Source. And what is the way to Divine Union when we are hard headed intellectual cynics? (Sorry, I mean ‘realists’)

My experience is that most of us surrender in desperation, when we feel cornered and like there is no other way out. Once we have gone that way often enough,we learn the benefits of surrendering;

  1. we trust that we are always caught on the other side
  2. we find out that in surrendering to the Divine, the hurt and abuse are healed
  3. we remember that it’s the fastest, most productive way to let go of blocks and illusions
  4. we experience the peace and love that comes from surrendering to the power of Love
  5. we witness the positive practical transformation that happen in our everyday lives as soon as we surrender

That is when we learn to TRUST that surrender is the easiest, fastest way to healing, peace and well-being.

Because we trust,

  • we look forward to opportunities to surrender
  • we surrender out of Love for ourselves and the Divine, not out of desperation any more

The virtuous cycle of surrender-healing-trust-surrender has been created and can be used all the way into enlightenment and into the Heart of God.

What have your experiences been? Let me know in a comment below: together we learn!

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1 Michelle January 22, 2011 at 4:14 am

“we surrender out of Love for ourselves and the Divine, not out of desperation any more”~really powerful statement Sophie..I’m learning to love myself, so it feels like it is becoming easier to trust & surrender to life, and whatever it has to offer in each moment. thank you for your wonderful reflections and blogs-I enjoy them immensely. ~:o)


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