Today’s Intense Releasing and Fun Energy

by Sophie on March 4, 2011

My friend the beautiful Mary Beijerinck who lives in Australia warned me about the energy of today Friday last night when I, in the USA, was still in the slow pace of Thursday’s Universal Love energy.

She said: “my energy is so intense today… trying to ground myself better. I even went & brought some turkish style belly dancing anklets (no bells) & am wearing them under my jeans ”

Of course the energy of Friday is of all things that flow: love, music, felling sexy, creative arts, money. Best enjoyed by me by the river when the weather permits. Friday is that sexy loving lady inside of you or in your life. Of course Mary got that: “trying to ground in a feminine energy”

My friend Jo Berry who is a Peace Worker and created The Forgiveness Project in England (where they also started their Friday earlier than us) said this morning: “Just had massive emotional release, went back to 84 and forgave myself. It is that kind of day, going to stay with my process, and be very gentle with, myself”

So here you have:

  1. today the energy is intense
  2. today’s intense flowing energy can be used to release old stuck or frozen emotions
  3. it’s a great day for forgiveness
  4. to integrate the release, stay with your process and be gentle to yourself!
  5. today’s energy is also a lot of fun: wear your anklet bells, laugh, sing, dance!

I am planning on doing some emotional release work because it’s going to be natural and easy to do so today. But I also feel today’s deep belly laughter. I have a deep yearning to have fun, let go and be happy. For no reason. Just because I’m here! And to love. For no reason, just because!

I told you yesterday that the Goddess was stirring and bringing deep changes! I could feel her coming!

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