Thinning of the Veils

by Sophie on April 11, 2010

As usual I am not exactly sure what is going on but I am sure that there is a thinning of the veils and an opening of portals at the moment. Which means that we are all being given many opportunities to transform ourselves and to raise our vibration. The journey remains personal, the awakening is collective. I used to think it was planetary. Now I see that it is in the whole of Creation.

It is quite unsettling and is forcing us to let go of more baggage fast, to speak our truth even more than before, to flush out old ideas, to let go. Did we really still have very much to let go of?

Anyone who thinks they have it all figured out is really kidding themselves right now, let me tell you this much!

Don’t look at me for definite answers because we are creating as we answer but I am happy to hold the vibration with you and to create a loving heart space as we raise our vibration together!

In our linear time we are running out of time in the old paradigm and about to be born into the next dimension. Remember that in the eternal present all is well.

Thankfully angels are very, very present and available to assist us as we do our work in our human bodies. Call on them liberally and if you are stuck, as I was for the past several days, ask another who communicates with angels to help reconnect you, protect you and support you. You deserve it and we all need each other to do our best work right now.

I love you.

We are One and together we learn. Through us the Divine knows itself. We are creation, created and Creator.

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