The Truth Being Revealed

by Sophie on July 28, 2014

Last week was all about the truth being revealed. It was not about righting wrongs. It was just about the truth being revealed. So the things that worked well showed themselves in their beauty and the things that were broken or needed to be changed also showed themselves as they are.

I heard as many stories of relationships ending, of deceit being revealed and of lies being exposed, as I did of people feeling grateful for what they can clearly see they have, of people finding their spiritual path and of people taking steps to really look after themselves. Just the plain truth being revealed, that’s all.

If you are struggling, I would suggest letting go and surrendering. Because as one of my graduated students said so beautifully: “For me, sometimes surrendering is the only way I can regain control. ” Which make complete sense, because surrendering allows us to center automatically, and to stop freaking out.

Once you regain center and see your own truth, you can create an action plan in the light of all that beautiful shining truth that was just revealed to you!

My prediction for this week is that it is going to be about relationships to the mother. Great if you have a good mother. Lots of work if you have more of a mother wound than a mother. I your relationship with your mother is painful, I would suggest that you ask trusted women friends to support you, that you connect to the Divine Mother and that you mother yourself as gently and tenderly as you can, this week.

And as always, if you think energy work will help you, email me or call me and make an appointment. I have openings this week.

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