The Superconscious

by Sophie on October 16, 2010

I read the phrase today: “Burrow beneath the subconscious” and it fits perfectly what is happening at the moment for those of us who are going through the process of uncovering deeply hidden pools of denial, delusion and illusion as I described in my last post.

We have the conscious and the subconscious or unconscious. What is beneath the subconscious? What is underneath what we don’t really know about ourselves?

I asked. The answer was: the superconscious. Eternal knowledge. Beneath our unconscious is the eternal, the spiritual, our connection to the Divine, the Matrix we come from. That’s what.

And that is why we need to reveal the unconscious and the delusions: to make way and open the portal to the eternal Divine. So guess what? It’s about trust again! About trusting that beneath the subconscious, there is somewhere to go, somewhere friendly, somewhere that likes you, loves you and wants you there. Allow yourself to be attuned to a higher vibration!

Go for it! I’m right there with you!

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1 Dan L Hays October 16, 2010 at 12:58 pm

Needed to hear this today, Sophie – I’m tuning in to that higher vibration! I got a signal from the universe this week that says “move forward.” I got a review on my book from a place that normally wouldn’t do it – it was a God Thing, for sure! I’m trusting that it’s leading me to a deeper awareness of the superconscious!

You are right on as usual!


2 Sophie October 19, 2010 at 8:54 pm

Thank you for the support and validation Dan! I rejoice in your success: your message is beneficial to so many. Abuse survivors need support and knowledge and YOU know the way out of that nasty maze! Much Love and Light to you Dan!


3 Dan L Hays October 19, 2010 at 9:36 pm

I am delighted to support you Sophie – you’re always so right on target that it makes validating you easy! Yes, I am blessed with how I’m able now to support abuse survivors!

I accept the Love and Light! 🙂


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