The Spiritual Problem with Drama

by Sophie on December 19, 2010

I discussed in my last post how having a lot of drama in our lives creates unnecessary negative karma, depletes us physically and robs us of positive emotions.

I think drama also creates a spiritual problem.

I think the body is hardwired to reach for the highs of what we call enlightenment. We are hardwired for connection, oneness and communion with the Divine.

Our soul made the choice to incarnate so we can experience divinity and creation physically through all the wonderful senses at our disposal down here. In order to fully experience physically, we must be connected to the Source energy that creates us, that knows who we are and what we want.

Oneness with the Divine feels like a chemical high. It’s a natural chemical high. Bliss. Connection with the Divine is Bliss. While we are connected, the Divine downloads joy, knowledge, pleasure, balance into our energy system (by which I mean both body and soul) and it feels good.

We are meant to be addicted to our connection to the Divine because the energy we receive from Source is what makes us and what sustains our life.

So when we replace our natural addiction to Divine Love by another addiction to drugs, meds, alcohol or drama, we cheat ourselves of our human purpose to create heaven on earth and to feel blissful while in a body. And that I think is the spiritual problem with being addicted to drama.

What do YOU think?

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