The Problem With Drama

by Sophie on December 17, 2010

In my last post I explained that I think Western culture is addicted to drama because we are told not to feel while growing up. Our energy systems and our bodies always wants to heal so we go to full blown drama in an attempt to teach ourselves to feel again.

The problem is that:

1- Drama creates unnecessary pain for ourselves and for others. It’s not the most compassionate choice

2- Drama tangles us with other people and often creates more negative karmic links that will need to be cleared later on. Which is fine if that is what you want to experience but I prefer to create neutral or positive karmic links with others.

3- Drama keeps us stuckĀ  at the emotional level as if it were the ultimate reality when really emotions are only meant to be the indicator of how we are doing spiritually

4- Drama can become an addiction. The body becomes used to the spikes of adrenaline and we start creating situations that will give us the high of that chemical balance. Some people do that consciously with horror movies or extreme sports. Others do it unconsciously by creating drama in their lives. I think the body can become addicted to adrenaline as it does to any other chemical. All chemical addictions unbalance and deplete the body.

5- Drama makes us feel that we have a connection with someone but it is a toxic relationship that does not support our heart, feed our soul or build a joyful future.

I also think drama creates a spiritual problem and I will discuss that in my next post.

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