The Power of my Intention

by Sophie on September 23, 2010

I realized last Spring that when I turned my attention to raising kids in a rather alternative way, I did that well.

When I turned my attention to healing, I not only healed myself from abuse and multiple physical ailments, I also learned enough to teach others how to heal themselves.
After I healed my body I realized that my soul was longing to be with the Divine 24/7 while still in a physical body so I turned my attention/intention to that and was soon led to the spiritual Master that showed me the Heart of God.
When I decided that I needed more friends, colleagues and the general support that I was not finding in my local community, I received an email mentioning Twitter and my life completely took off from there. Friends, colleagues, clients came flooding my life with their warmth, love and understanding! Not only did I meet the most amazing people on Twitter but as a result of this blog, I made better and deeper connections in my local community!
When I turned my attention to finally understanding how men love, I met my current amazingly loving, respectful, tender and supportive partner.
I am not telling you what I am focusing on now. You will have to watch this space and work it out. :o)
What I really want to know is” what are YOU focusing on for this coming year?

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