The Energy That Provides For Us

by Sophie on August 20, 2010


I  cannot explain it with logic, but I can explain it with experience...  There is an Energy which we all came from, are a part of right now and  will return to.  This Energy speaks to us in ways that defy the rational  conditioning of the mind. When we listen, we will always be provided  for, we will be surrounded by love and we will create a life most have  only read about.

There is no proof except the countless brave folks who have come before and proven this to be true. Not one successful person, hero or saint had proof or a guarantee, but they risked the journey anyway.
Making the choice to listen and then following what you hear in spite of being afraid creates the best kind of living and is the common denominator between those that  live the life of their dreams and those that merely wished they did.

This is from Mastin Kipp who sends “The Daily Love” emails to your inbox everyday if you request here.

Mastin is most often in tune with what’s going in the world energetically and his emails have often supported me or brought me joy. He did it today again!


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