The Energy System of a Human Angel

by Sophie on September 10, 2009

I have no idea what today has in store but I am GLAD yesterday is over!

Of course it was an amazing portal-to-the-heart-of-God day. And I love being ‘out there’ while still in a body:

  • The floaty, relaxed feeling.
  • The deep love for no good reason, just because I am divine.
  • The angels whispering in my ears, sitting in my heart and stroking my arm all day.

Also yesterday was such a great day for guidance! I had several important questions answered. Some just by wondering and pffffft, there was the answer in my head, words clear as a meditation bell with that deep feeling in my heart of “that’s true, that is the way it is”. Some through Alice of @ReikiAwakening. (She delivers a very humble, loving, accurate channelled reading to any question for $25 and her readings always give me real peace of mind!)

I went to the dentist’s and while I was waiting alone in the room, I could FEEL the angels around me every time I was anxious until I felt completely cradled, physically.

Two physical angels also answered my prayers. One suddenly removed all administrative burden from me for that day. Another drove me around town and supported while I was sorting unpleasant errands.

I am so grateful for that support because the flip side of being a human angel is that floating away with angels all day makes it difficult to remember human linear time: I often forget to go to sleep or to eat on such days. I find it very difficult to use my brain in a linear way, to count money, to return phone calls or emails, to pay bills, to understand the logical steps of a process that I would normally execute easily. If it happens several times in the same month the cumulative effect can be challenging.

Of course I have got used to the pattern over the years. I know now that whenever there is a surge of energy in the planetary awakening I open up to channelling, I change rapidly, my energy system is rewired, again, and I am not so in touch with every day reality for a day or three. It is even harder for the people around me, particularly if they depend on me for anything. Or if they are wired to believe that how I feel may have been caused by their behavior or that I just don’t care about myself. Which of course I do: in that light state the body makes very few demands and I am completely at peace.

This ungrounded lighter state is the underbelly of being a great psychic and healer, the stuff we discuss among ourselves and don’t normally advertise! But more and more of you are being awakened as healers. So I think it’ s important to be honest about the fact that while it is a marvelous and fulfilling calling, being a healer is not all glitter and singing angels. The human part of it can be challenging to manage.

That is why we need to support each other. So what’s YOUR story? Leave me a comment and share!

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1 Phoenix January 18, 2011 at 9:49 am

Dear Sophie,
Things in my life over many years eventually led me to go into depression. And then I “co-incidentally” started to read, met people that spoke about things, etc, that all led me to think that maybe I have just started “awakening”. It was relief to know that I wasn’t losing my mind! Soon I actually started feeling more at peace and happier (than earlier, anyway). There was even a short while when I actually thought I might be an earth angel. But then, of late I have started feeling negative again and I have to “pretend” to have faith…and I’ve never “got answers” from the Universe or angels to many of the questions I asked them. HOW do I “listen to my heart ?- I haven’t succeeded so far… so i don’t know if i’m doing something wrong or if it’s not meant to be for me. Would it be possible that I was wrong in the first place & that I’m not “awakening” at all (& am no where close to being an earth angel)? Thanks!!


2 Sophie January 19, 2011 at 1:44 am

Thank you for sharing Phoenix!
My experience of depression is that it tends to be up and down. The recovery is rarely a linear progression. It often looks more like a spiral, where we are getting generally better but still need to revisit certain issues from time to time, albeit from a ‘higher’ (easier, lighter?) level.
I am guessing that you may have cleared some issues then uncovered some more blocks. We are never done dancing with our shadow and there is so much to be learned from it.
It’s a misconception that human angels are always happy or have an easy life. It’s not always easy being a human angel.
Lastly I want to say that most of us awaken in spurts and at times we all feel like we have learned nothing. That’s ok: we can give it a rest for a while and see what happens next.
The key to awakening is awareness. Whatever happens, just be aware of it. Lovingly aware of it I would say.


3 Phoenix January 19, 2011 at 9:58 am

Thank you, Sophie!
It’s comforting to know that it’s ok to experience times when we feel like we have learned nothing. It’s also interesting to note that your reply was posted at 1.44 am… I’m not sure if it mean anything & if i’m reading too much into it…. but I have been seeing 44s, 22s, 55s, 99s of late.
I don’t know if this forum is the right place to bring this up (please excuse me & let me know if it’s not) – but I would love to hear experiences from ‘scientists’, who are in the process of awakening. Being involved in research in microbiology for many years, I had a tough time initially accepting the whole concept of ‘awakening’, to be honest. Even now, though a big part of me says “wow, this is amazing”, I can’t help but wonder if my ego is still fighting it tooth-and-claw armed with the “science conditioning”, creating blockages that are hindering my progress. I really would love to hear from you or from other “people of science” about what you think about this & learn about how to manage this road-block.
Thanks a lot, Sophie!


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