The Effects of Physical Violence on Your Chakras

by Sophie on December 10, 2011

As I wrote yesterday , there is currently an opening in Universal energy so this is prime time to heal the memory of violence, sexual abuse and physical abuse. I have just completed several mind blowing pieces of work from my own past. Remember that if you were a witness, you are also a victim.

Why does physical abuse have such a hold on us even 20 or 40 years later? And why does it matter so much to CLEAR IT OUT ON ALL LEVELS (physical, emotional and spiritual) rather than gloss over it and repress it?

Physical violation has such a deep hold on us

  1. because it is stored differently in our brains than normal memories. The brain builds a kind of wall around traumatic memories and holds them separately from normal memories. When trauma memories are triggered, we lose access to our normal, rational thinking and we are “back there”, lost in fear, anger, shame and guilt.  A prisoner of the old trauma once again. So we need to take that wall down and clear the traumatic memories.
  2. because it often creates guilt and shame, which are low vibrations, so those memories lower your general vibration
  3. and because it affects ALL your chakras.

When your body is attacked and violated, particularly as a child, but at any age really, your sense of safety is shaken in the first chakra. The first chakra is also about money, housing and food so all those areas of your life can be negatively affected by physical violation.

If the violence is committed by someone you know (between 50 and 75% of victims know their attackers, depending on what research you read), the second chakra , where we learn duality and relationships, is affected and we stop trusting others and ourselves. It makes it very difficult to have good relationships later on in life. And it makes difficult to trust our gut instinct.

The wound to your personalty, self image and self esteem lives on in the 3rd chakra , where we define our personality, our likes and dislikes.

Often the ♥ in the 4th chakra is the wounded by the betrayal or numbed to repress the pain. It usually does not stop us from having compassion for others, particularly other victims, but it often stops us from accessing self love.

If you were not able to talk about the trauma, it affects the throat in the 5th chakra.

If there was no validation or support, you may start doubting the reality of what happened. This can affect your intuition in your 6th chakra because what you know to be true or what you know intuitively clash with what other people tell you is the truth. That can make it difficult to access your intuition later on in life.
If the violence was repeated, life threatening or particularly unfair, humiliating or cruel, it can also cause the kind of deep anger and mistrust that weakens our connection with the Divine (angry at God kinda thing). That’s a wound to the 7th chakra.

I am crying writing this because it is such a common story. So many people have been affected. In the USA, 30 to 40% of women have been sexually assaulted by the time they become adults. That does not include the beatings, the every day fear, the humiliation, the bullying. IF trauma happened, don’t minimize it. Don’t think “It was normal at the time, we all survived it, it made us stronger” Don’t normalise it. Don’t let the actions of the perpetrator live on in your body and in your everyday life.

IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO HEAL. YOU ARE NEVER TOO DAMAGED TO RECOVER. Take action today. Contact me or someone else you trust and start clearing your energy and raising your vibration today.

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1 Rev. Lynn DeLellis January 10, 2012 at 4:47 pm

Thank you for the excellent information. I would like to recommend Ho’oponopono in conjunction with other therapies. It is a cleansing system that releases and cleanses old memories, blocks and vibrations.


2 Sophie January 14, 2012 at 11:02 pm

Thank you Lynn! Yes Ho’oponopono works very well to clear past trauma,I completely agree! Thank you for taking the time to mention it here! Yes, I would absolutely recommend it if someone feels drawn to it and finds a good practitioner they trust and enjoy working with!


3 Chakras do Corpo February 23, 2017 at 12:27 pm

Great information. Very well explained. Gratitude for sharing your knowledge.


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