The Difference Between a Healer and a Spiritual Teacher

by Sophie on August 27, 2013

lotus flowerSome people will tell you they are healers and you trust them because what they say sounds great, their blog posts are really deep or they wrote an inspiring book. What they communicate to you is inspiring. Their words sound healing or they promise healing. And yet, after paying them vasts amounts of money, you have not got much better and you lose faith in ‘healers’.

NEWSFLASH: those wonderful people are NOT healers They are spiritual teachers or spiritual leaders. And they may very well say things that are very wise and change your life. Or lead you through experiences that change your life.They may even connect you with your spirituality. Their work is very valid for some people. But spiritual teachers are still NOT healers even when their words are healing.

So what IS a healer?

1- A healer is someone who CHANGES energy. An  energy healer is a DOER, not necessarily a talker. When an energy healer works, s/he changes your energy and you feel better instantly as a result. Some healers’ work may take longer to fully implement but when you work with a healer,  you know you have been changed FOR THE BETTER and for ever in some deep way. THAT is how you know you are working with a real healer.

In fact, with some healers, you feel better just chatting with them, because they don’t just DO healing, they ARE healers and the energy that radiates from them, their normal vibration, is healing.

2- A true healer is kind and compassionate. Some spiritual leaders can be provocative and unsettle you to help you get to your truth. Sometimes, the teachings of a spiritual leader can create more confusion before you work your way to your answer. But with a healer, her or his work makes you feel better now. A healer’s work is designed to remove pain, to remove confusion, to remove a curse,  to heal the painful memories of a past life, to protect you from psychic attack, to remind your body how to heal itself, to bring you peace of mind NOW, in a way that is permanent and allows you to thrive.

3- A spiritual teacher asks YOU to do the work, to change yourself. An energy healer does the work for you. It’s called “energy work” with good reason!

A spiritual leader teaches you and a healer CHANGES you. That’s the main difference. Just be very clear who you are really dealing with, what they are offering and what you are paying for when you hire their services. And don’t tell me that ‘healing doesn’t work’. If it didn’t work, chances are that it wasn’t real healing!

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1 Donna Sherman August 28, 2013 at 1:14 pm

Great explanation! Thank you!


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