Taking Responsibility

by Sophie on September 22, 2011

It’s been brewing for several weeks and yesterday every interaction I had was about responsibility or the lack of and the consequences of that choice. Of course this is a universal human theme. But I really think it’s the next big piece of work we need to do to keep on growing and ascending and we need to act on it now. As in TODAY.

Until recently we had some leeway, we had a choice to hide a little or to hide in some areas of our lives. I think now is the time to

  • be transparent
  • be respectful

on every level of our lives: with ourselves and with others, at work, in healing circles and at home.

Secrets don’t work. They fester and breed contempt and abuse. On every level. Even little secrets breed a little contempt and a little abuse. And just because you have been used to putting up with a little bit of it does NOT mean that it is ok. As the whole planer ascends, our psychic an dintuitive abilities sharpen. I am surrounded by people who KNOW when you are lying to them or when something is not quite right. There are more and more of us who read the energy of a situation or a person instead of believing what they are told, PARTICULARLY when the two don’t match vibrationally.

We live in a vibrational world and the more we pay attention to vibrations and learn to read them, the less we can hide, have secrets and pretend. The less we can say: that’s not my problem. The more we have to say: I’ll do, lovingly, honestly and respectfully. Which means of course setting and holding good boundaries so we don’t end up taking responsibility for others when they need to do it for themselves. It’s all about taking SPIRITUAL responsibility for what we create.

Taking responsibility to say what you need to say lovingly and respectfully now is the next portal we all need to go through in a portal year (2011) so I think we need to pay attention. What’s on the other side I wonder? A bunch of self-responsible, respectful creative psychics and empaths maybe? Ok, maybe I am getting carried away. Transparent and honest relationships will be a great start.

And don’t think I am preaching from up on high. I am working on all this myself every day! What’s your experience been with this the last few days and weeks?

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