Take the Second Road to Intuition

by Sophie on September 15, 2010

Yesterday I was driving out of a friend’s place. She lives on a steep hill and the roads are narrow so I always check my brakes and think about safety driving back down to the main road.

As I left her drive yesterday the friendly voice in my head was very clear: “Take the second road”. My reaction was to complain: “But why? I always take the first road. It’s easier. It’s closer, shorter, faster.” After 20 years of intensive intuition training you would think that I  just do as I am told every time? hmmmm…

So the friendly voice becomes quite stern and repeats: “TAKE the SECOND road”. Ok, I know when I have lost an argument. Second road it is. “Whatever” moans the irritable teenager at the core of this nearly 50 year old.

As I drive past the first road to get to the second road, I see a young woman pushing a baby stroller uphill. She is right in the middle of the road, looking down as the is working so hard up hill.

I was in control of my car and she was far down enough that I don’t think we would have collided. I do think it would have been a little frightening for her to look up and see my car coming downhill towards her and that it would have been very inconvenient for her to have to get out of my car’s way as she was struggling to push the stroller uphill. So of course I am glad I listened!

My heart melted in sympathy as I saw her and remembered my stroller pushing days and I was very grateful I was told to take the second road! It was so much easier for me to drive a few hundred yards than for her to be inconvenienced. If only I would ALWAYS listen!

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