About Attunements

by Sophie March 24, 2013 Ascension

Words carry the seed of intention. What you think and what you say create your future. I sometimes use words in an even deeper way: to attune someone to a new vibration. In that case, words are an excuse for my voice to sing the vibration of the attunement. For example if I am talking […]

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Does It Make Sense To Be At One With The Divine?

by Sophie October 1, 2012 Blessing

Yesterday a friend and I were discussing what it feels like to be at one with the divine. He  wrote: “You are speaking about what you’ve experienced. I’m speaking in a theoretical sense, but naturally I feel pretty strongly about what makes sense to me.” What I told him is that I am happy to […]

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Aware of the Infinite

by Sophie September 6, 2012 Ascension

Aware of the infinite, I am suspended in between worlds. I am so used to action and motion in the name of the highest good. I am so used to fighting what is perceived as evil, so that we may integrate our shadows and reclaim our power. I am so used to holding their heart, […]

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Complimentary Preview Call for Awaken the Healer Within

by Sophie August 24, 2012 Angels

Dear Sister,  (brothers, support me by forwarding  this to a sister who needs energy healing) Over the past 14 years, I’ve helped dozens of women manifest the life they want and I am excited to help you now too, in a complimentary preview call on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 t 8pm EST. This is the […]

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Awaken the Healer Within 2012-2013

by Sophie May 5, 2012 Attunements

Awaken the Healer Within 2012-2013 I want to let you know that registration for the 2012-2013 course is NOW OPEN. Some students have already registered for next year. The class only runs once a year and is limited to 15  students. So if you are considering joining the class, read on and register today!   […]

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Not a Vibrational Match Anymore

by Sophie October 13, 2011 Divine Love

When I have asked recently why I had to let go of so many relationships and support groups, the anwer was the same every time: “Because you are not a vibrational match anymore”. There was no sense of right or wrong, no blame for me or the other party, no room for shame. No sense […]

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Taking Responsibility

by Sophie September 22, 2011 Abuse

It’s been brewing for several weeks and yesterday every interaction I had was about responsibility or the lack of and the consequences of that choice. Of course this is a universal human theme. But I really think it’s the next big piece of work we need to do to keep on growing and ascending and […]

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Vibrational Attunement

by Sophie June 25, 2011 Ascension

I was working with a client recently and she really got it. She had requested a session to receive an attunement. I talked to her for a while, walked her through my Grounding Meditation to make sure she was in a stable place, made sure she connected to the Light, which she did very easily […]

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Clear Guidance

by Sophie June 18, 2011 Ascension

After a couple of  months of deep transformation, it has happened that my guidance has become much clearer. Several times I came to the point of putting my hands up in the air and saying to the Divine: “Ok, make me whatever I need to become to reach the next step of my evolution” I […]

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I shut my eyes in order to see. ~ Paul Gauguin

by Sophie March 6, 2011 Angels

As a healer I see energy better with my eyes closed. It’s probably because I feel energy first. Then an image forms in my mind of what color the energy is, what shape it is, where in the body, in the world or in the universe it is held or how it’s flowing. When I […]

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