The Healer at the Water Cooler

by Sophie September 24, 2009 Healing

Every week someone asks me what I want out of life, what my goals are, why am I not super wealthy yet if I understand the Law of Attraction and if I am as powerful energetically as I say I am. They are all very good questions and I have spent days answering those questions […]

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Is Quantum Healing a Little Strange?

by Sophie June 24, 2009 General

If you think that Quantum Healing sounds fanciful, far fetched and a little strange, look at what I just found on Twitter today: a link to an article of the Science Snapshot of USA Today: “[…] physicists have started experimenting with something called quantum teleportation, in which the characteristics of light particles appear to transfer […]

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Light of the Solstice

by Sophie June 22, 2009 General

My readers, my clients, my students and my Twitter friends have been asking: Why is the solstice important? Why do we feel we have this opportunity to change fast and deeply, in ways we don’t even really understand? Why are we having these vivid, sometimes disturbing dreams? Why is this all happening at this time […]

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Spontaneous Attunements

by Sophie June 21, 2009 Attunements

Part of the Planetary Awakening and the Cosmic upgrade is that when you are ready for the change of healing,you are willing to do the work that needs to be done now,you have enough support in place in your life to allow you to do this safely, you will receive spontaneous attunements on a regular […]

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Cosmic Upgrade

by Sophie June 17, 2009 General

Tonight on Twitter I playfully tweeted “Dear Universe, please take a vacation and stop challenging me.” and it was re-tweeted many times! Do you know why? Because we have all been feeling this accelerating change and spiritual learning for the past decade and particularly for the last 7 months. The December 08 winter solstice was unsettlingly powerful and kicked […]

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Romantic Mystics

by Sophie June 12, 2009 Love

Let’s start with a quote from my favorite mystic poet, lover of the Beloved: “What was said to the rose that made it open, was said to me here in my chest.” Rumi Some of the quotes are mine and others, as indicated, are from Adam Fyre . A beautiful soul and Twitter friend. He […]

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Self love

by Sophie June 7, 2009 Love

One lazy Sunday afternoon on Twitter, @jawar asked : How do you define self-love?And he got me thinking, because this Quantum Healer always has love and self love and Divine Love on the mind! So we had Self Love Sunday. Self love is… Self love is choosing health over an old destructive habit. Self love is saying no when u know […]

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Expanding Your Consciousness

by Sophie June 4, 2009 General

Today is a great day to expand your consciousness. It’s just there: within reach, ready to be picked! I have talked about it on Twitter as well as in this blog: we are currently in the middle of a huge wave of planetary awakening and every day brings its own aspect to the mix. Today is Thursday so […]

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Seeing the Unseen

by Sophie June 3, 2009 General

Today is definitely an intuition day, a day for seeing the unseen. And because it is also Wednesday, and the 3rd of the month to boot, I will predict that it is also a great day for people and new ideas crossing your path. Today if you pay attention you will be shown how your […]

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What does a Quantum Healer Do?

by Sophie June 1, 2009 General

I remove pain and replace it with love. That’s what I do in a nutshell: take away the pain, erase the trauma and create joy. We all have our history, and our stories, that we carry around: it is now proven that the body remembers everything that happened to it since conception (some would say before […]

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