Weird Week

by Sophie May 9, 2015 Grounding

It’s been a weird energetic week for many of us. Strangeness seems to be going around, with old issues raising their heads unexpectedly. Sometimes it feels nearly punitive for no good reason. Many are also finding it difficult to stay centered and grounded, even the practiced veterans. I am not sure what is causing this […]

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8/8 Connect with the Goddess

by Sophie August 8, 2014 Blessing

8/8 in my world is one of the most powerful days of the year to connect with the Divine Feminine. How? Drop and Roll. Drop all expectations, goals, constructs, fears. Drop into the moment. Be completely present in the here and now. Just be. Now. Each instant is a portal to the infinite. By dropping […]

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The Truth Being Revealed

by Sophie July 28, 2014 Divine Feminine

Last week was all about the truth being revealed. It was not about righting wrongs. It was just about the truth being revealed. So the things that worked well showed themselves in their beauty and the things that were broken or needed to be changed also showed themselves as they are. I heard as many […]

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Happy Winter Solstice!

by Sophie December 21, 2012 Energy work

All through the fall, we have gone in, slept, rested, meditated, been introspective. We have dreamed of what we want for next year and planted the seeds. (This applies to my Northern Hemisphere readers of course.) The seeds have been moistened. In the comforting darkness of Mother Earth and our unconscious, they are peacefully waiting […]

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Does It Make Sense To Be At One With The Divine?

by Sophie October 1, 2012 Blessing

Yesterday a friend and I were discussing what it feels like to be at one with the divine. He  wrote: “You are speaking about what you’ve experienced. I’m speaking in a theoretical sense, but naturally I feel pretty strongly about what makes sense to me.” What I told him is that I am happy to […]

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Craving and Resisting Enlightenment

by Sophie July 2, 2012 Ascension

The funny thing about enlightenment is that we crave it and resist it at the same time. We crave it because we are hardwired, I believe, to know the Love who created us. We long for complete acceptance, warmth and absolute compassion, all of which come from Source. We want to merge with it, be […]

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Spring is an Opportunity to Trust and Surrender

by Sophie April 7, 2012 Attunements

This Easter and Passover time of year seems to bring issues of power, control and surrender to the next level. I think it is because in the Northern hemisphere where the rituals originated, what we are really celebrating is Spring and the renewal of  life. We are thinking about fertility and abundant crops that will […]

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Infinite Ocean of Love

by Sophie December 18, 2011 Divine Love

Just in case I did not quite get the message last Thursday when my heart was melting with joy into the Heart of God in the presence of Anam Thubten and his Buddhist teachings, tonight I find the same message expressed in Sufi terms but with exactly the same words by a Sufi spiritual teacher […]

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Healing Angel Day

by Sophie December 1, 2011 Angels

Today turned out to be a soothing healing day. It completed what was set in motion on Monday and Tuesday. This morning I realised that over the past month or so I have received several packages belonging to other people who don’t live here. I then have to contact the company to report their mistake, […]

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Clear Guidance

by Sophie June 18, 2011 Ascension

After a couple of  months of deep transformation, it has happened that my guidance has become much clearer. Several times I came to the point of putting my hands up in the air and saying to the Divine: “Ok, make me whatever I need to become to reach the next step of my evolution” I […]

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