REMEMBER It’s the Solstice

by Sophie December 16, 2015 Depression

Remember we are in the week leading up to the Solstice. Winter Solstice if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, which means that your body wants to slow way down to synch in with the increased night time hours. Now is the time to sleep more, eat more, do less, dream more, plant the seeds […]

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Purification of the Home and Hearth at Imbolc

by Sophie February 2, 2014 Divine Feminine

For years I heard people talk about Imbolc and wondered what all the fuss was about. I was never affected by Imbolc until this year, when I have felt both ungrounded and disorganised as well as more able to go to higher planes and do really good energy work. I have also needed to sleep […]

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Happy Winter Solstice!

by Sophie December 21, 2012 Energy work

All through the fall, we have gone in, slept, rested, meditated, been introspective. We have dreamed of what we want for next year and planted the seeds. (This applies to my Northern Hemisphere readers of course.) The seeds have been moistened. In the comforting darkness of Mother Earth and our unconscious, they are peacefully waiting […]

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Winter Solstice

by Sophie December 11, 2011 Intention

Winter solstice is approaching fast and I have gone into a spontaneous mild trance. It happens every year and before I understood the energies that surround Dec 21, the trance used to get in the way of Christmas preparation (true of any holiday, whatever your family’s tradition). Now that I understand what’s going on, life […]

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Embracing Oneness to Heal

by Sophie December 23, 2010 Family

The Solstice was a powerful charge of energy and several of you who were on the call or who listened to the replay felt transported to another place I think! However the energy of the Solstice was tough on a number of people. My work day normally starts at 10am but on Tuesday 21st, by […]

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Winter Solstice December 2010

by Sophie December 21, 2010 Awakening

Tuesday 21st at 6pm EST: Solstice Meditation ~my gift to you~ Just call in: Phone number: (617) 449-7724 PIN Code: 162287# or visit: ?eventID=16659120 for a (no cost) 30 minute meditation followed by any question you want to ask about the Solstice or what I have been blogging about recently. Tell your friends about […]

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Current Energy Wave

by Sophie December 7, 2010 Attunements

I talked 2 posts ago about how couples seem to be given the opportunity to make a deeper commitment and to the spiritual growth that can be learned in committed aware relationships. I think this is part of the current surge of energy spontaneously attuning us to Planetary Awakening. Of course this is happening whether […]

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Light of the Solstice

by Sophie June 22, 2009 Quantum Healing

Why is the solstice important? Why do we feel we have this opportunity to change fast and deeply, in ways we don’t even really understand? Why are we having these vivid, sometimes disturbing dreams? Why is this all happening at this time of year and not any other? It all starts with how much light […]

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Earthing the New Energy

by Sophie June 21, 2009 Attunements

I explained in my previous post that the only way to benefit from a download of powerful spiritual energy (also called an attunement) is to EARTH it, to ground it, like you do with a lightning bolt. I am not being metaphorical: energy travels inside your body in the form of minute electric signal so […]

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How to Stay Comfortable During the Solstice

by Sophie June 20, 2009 Energy work

With this solstice, the heavens are really opening and reaching down to us. All we have to do is stand tall and our crown chakras will be brushing against them. Physically, it can be a little uncomfortable: from a tingly sensation, to heaviness in the head and neck, which could turn to a full blown […]

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