New Class: Healthy Boundaries for Sensitive Women

by Sophie February 20, 2018 Energy work

When you are sensitive, people and events around you often hurt you. But you can choose to feel better in every moment: protect yourself, change your mood and your reaction to the world around you by learning to control your energy. In the class, Healthy Boundaries for Sensitive Women, we are going to look at […]

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Why Human Angels Have Painful Childhoods

by Sophie November 4, 2013 Abuse

Human angels are easily repressed in childhood because they are born eager to please. The mission of their soul is to help. Their nature is designed to make them helpers. Helping and supporting is the facet of the Divine that they embody and enact. So when disciplined like other children, they are often emotionally crushed, […]

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Energy Protection Class

by Sophie August 8, 2013 Attunements

Do you know how to protect yourself energetically in these fast changing times? Are you an empath who gets dragged down by other people’s energies? Next week, I am teaching a tele-class to show you (or remind you) how to protect yourself energetically! The class is taught in person by me (it’s not pre-recorded) which […]

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Have I Loved In Vain?

by Sophie December 29, 2012 Emotions

Sometimes the human part of me wonders if I have loved in vain. If I wasted my time loving someone who did not make it, someone who did not understand, someone who did not love back, someone who left, someone who felt as if they were never really there, someone who did not see me. […]

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Not a Vibrational Match Anymore

by Sophie October 13, 2011 Divine Love

When I have asked recently why I had to let go of so many relationships and support groups, the anwer was the same every time: “Because you are not a vibrational match anymore”. There was no sense of right or wrong, no blame for me or the other party, no room for shame. No sense […]

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I Am Enough

by Sophie October 12, 2011 Emotions

The Harvest Moon in September was the real New Year, energetically. This year’s growing season was over and we had harvested. I am told the New Year used to be in October in the Northern hemisphere. So now we are in an in-between state where I feel like clearing and cleaning a lot and reflecting […]

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Are You in Love?

by Sophie March 17, 2011 Emotions

Are you alive because you are scared to die? Or are you alive because you are loving being alive and really enjoying the joyful creation of it? Are you in a relationship because you are afraid of being alone? Or are you in a relationship because you are loving being with that other person and […]

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Abundant and Powerful Healing Energy

by Sophie February 25, 2011 Awakening

Judging by what’s going on around me I would say that the healing energy available for change is abundant and powerful at the moment. It also appears to be linking us to deep Truth. Whatever we have been sitting on that was creating guilt or shame is not allowed to stand in the way of […]

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Love is a Choice

by Sophie February 22, 2011 Abuse

At the end of the day, love is a choice. Like respect is a choice. People can groom us for it in childhood, train us to do the right thing and to say the right thing. And it’s true that with good habits we are more likely to have a default of being respectful or […]

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Embracing Oneness to Heal

by Sophie December 23, 2010 Family

The Solstice was a powerful charge of energy and several of you who were on the call or who listened to the replay felt transported to another place I think! However the energy of the Solstice was tough on a number of people. My work day normally starts at 10am but on Tuesday 21st, by […]

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