Energy Protection Class

by Sophie August 8, 2013 Attunements

Do you know how to protect yourself energetically in these fast changing times? Are you an empath who gets dragged down by other people’s energies? Next week, I am teaching a tele-class to show you (or remind you) how to protect yourself energetically! The class is taught in person by me (it’s not pre-recorded) which […]

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Reiki is Kind

by Sophie February 28, 2013 Healing

I am offering a Reiki 3 Master/Teacher class here in Williamstown on Saturday. Yes this week, in 2 days, March 2, 2013. You can still register. After that, the next Reiki 1, 2 and 3 classes will be in July 2013. Reiki still is the best introduction to healing that I know of. It’s safe, […]

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A Great Reiki and Seichem Level 1 Class

by Sophie July 27, 2012 Attunements

I spent Saturday and Sunday Teaching Reiki and Seichem level 1. I had forgotten how much fun I have doing it! I am sure that working outside and swimming in the pool didn’t hurt… We were working in ideal ‘vacation’ conditions: a hot day with a light breeze, healthy food, dip in the pool later. […]

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Reiki by the Pool with Correct Dates

by Sophie July 12, 2012 Healing

Reiki 2 is offered on Sunday 22 or Saturday 28. These are the correct dates and will appear when you register through Paypal. I apologize for any confusion caused. This month is the 14th anniversary of my becoming a Reiki Master. I am passionate about sharing the healing practice that started my journey as a […]

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Would You Like to Learn Reiki by the Pool?

by Sophie July 11, 2012 Attunements

This month is the 14th anniversary of my becoming a Reiki Master. I am passionate about sharing the healing practice that started my journey as a healer. This month of July, I am offering Reiki 1 and Reiki 2, here in the beautiful Berkshires. Reiki is simple, fast, effective and available to all.  You attend […]

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How Do You Know that You Are a Healer?

by Sophie November 2, 2011 Awakening

How do you know that you are  a healer? I was asked recently. I think when we ARE healers, we spend most of our life knowing that we are different. Then later on we gradually become aware of certain abilities and talents that others don’t seem to have. Like being psychic, knowing stuff about people, […]

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We are Living Through Intense Times

by Sophie July 25, 2011 Awakening

I really do not buy into the 2012 catastrophic end of the world scenario but I have to say that since March 21 of this year, universal energies have intensified again and are buffeting all the healers and light workers I know. It does not feel like a mindless chaotic storm at all. It feels […]

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Meditation and Subtle Energies

by Sophie February 7, 2011 Awakening

After WWI easier travel allowed westerners to come into contact with Eastern philosophies. We learned from Eastern Masters and experienced their meditation and exercise techniques. We learned how to be aware of the subtle energies in our body. Acupuncture has now been scientifically proven. As have the effects of meditation on brain function and heart […]

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Reiki Blessings

by Sophie October 8, 2010 Blessing

I learned more about blessing, even though she did not call it that from my Reiki Master. She told us that every time we worried about a loved one, our kids in particular, to send them Reiki. Instead of sending worry, which is imagining a negative outcome, she suggested we surround them with Reiki, Love […]

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Bodies Attuning to our Souls

by Sophie September 30, 2010 Angels

I am hearing from many powerful and connected energy workers who, like me: 1- are learning some hard lessons about patience and intuition through their body and pay quite a price when they do not listen to said intuition. 2- are feeling very connected with Archangels at the moment. It feels as if we are […]

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