Quantum Healing

I Feel Like I Just Gave birth

by Sophie May 19, 2014 Allergies

For two days, my house felt like a very pregnant swollen womb, full of love, life, energy, salty water and hope. Ten women, students and alumni of my six year running Awaken the Healer Within class, gathered here to go over some of our course material, to practice their energy tools, and to give and […]

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Are you Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

by Sophie December 31, 2013 Angels

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you are in a GREAT place to DECIDE TO CHANGE! And some major overhaul in your thinking, as well as the consistent removal of blocks and negative patterns over time, can really change that, in my experience. New year, new intentions: you can learn […]

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Non Medical Healers

by Sophie April 15, 2011 Healing

In Ordinary Miracles I was speaking about how the healers I know are helping transform lives for the better and it occurred to me to mention that none of them touch, manipulate, diagnose or treat their clients. They are not doctors or nurses. Most of them have little or no medical knowledge. Their work is […]

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Ordinary Miracles

by Sophie April 13, 2011 Awakening

I am happy to be alive with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest opportunity to change humanity as it evolves to a higher consciousness. For thousands of years great men and women have preached Love and created what we thought were miracles. Nowadays I know many ordinary women (and […]

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Quantum Healing

by Sophie February 16, 2011 Enlightenment

Recently,  quantum physics has been describing a world very similar to the visions of the mystics of all times: the infinitely small is the same as the infinitely large; there is no beginning and no end to the universe; there is a consciousness, an intelligence, that organizes matter at will; light becomes matter and matter […]

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Keeping Balanced

by Sophie September 14, 2010 Attunements

I was asked twice in the last few days if I ever get out of balance or if I have been doing energy work long enough now that it’s second nature and I am all set. I do still get out of balance. My inner turmoil can create extremes at times. But I have so […]

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Healing at Home

by Sophie September 9, 2010 Allergies

I think that most healing and energy work needs to be done at home on oneself, on our children, on family members and friends. Do you go to the hairdresser’s every day? Most of us don’t and most of your hair care happens at home. You go and see the technician every few weeks for […]

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Why Receive an Attunement?

by Sophie July 12, 2010 Attunements

Because: An attunement raises your vibration An attunement allows you to receive more Divine Love. Just like you tune a musical instrument so it plays harmoniously, when you attune your energy to a higher vibration, you resonate to that higher vibration and you EMBODY more of it. If the attunement is spiritual and intended to […]

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Cultivate Awareness to Discover Unconscious Beliefs

by Sophie April 13, 2010 General

How do you discover what your unconscious beliefs are? Cultivate awareness! Last Monday (This was written on Nov 25, 2009) I wrote about how what I am worth is created by my unconscious beliefs. So how do I discover what those unconscious beliefs are? I want to share a rather personal example that came to light […]

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How Do we Create What we Consciously Want?

by Sophie April 9, 2010 General

“How do we create only what we consciously want?” The very first thing is to find out what our soul purpose is because easy manifestation only happens when the specifics of what we wish to create in our everyday life is aligned to our general soul purpose/incarnation objective we create a specific intention that is […]

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