past lives

I Feel Like I Just Gave birth

by Sophie May 19, 2014 Allergies

For two days, my house felt like a very pregnant swollen womb, full of love, life, energy, salty water and hope. Ten women, students and alumni of my six year running Awaken the Healer Within class, gathered here to go over some of our course material, to practice their energy tools, and to give and […]

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Life Purpose and Soul Purpose

by Sophie March 14, 2013 Karma

“Life purpose” and “soul purpose” are often used interchangeably, even by me but I think there is a difference between the two. Your soul purpose is what your soul promised God it would do through time. Your life purpose is how you are going about fulfilling that promise in this life time. (One of the […]

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Are You Living Your Life Purpose? (This is not what you think)

by Sophie March 10, 2013 Awakening

“What is my life purpose?” is a question my clients ask me often. I support many of you in this quest by removing blocks and downloading attunements that help you blossom but of course the decision in this co-creation in ultimately yours. One point I think is important to remember is that in our culture […]

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Returning from Past Lives

by Sophie August 14, 2011 Blessing

The thing I like best about past lives is coming out of them and realizing that I am still in the 21st century, safe and sound whatever I’ve just re-lived and remembered, either for me or for a client. I was blessed, after the challenging week I mentioned in my last post to have the […]

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Why Do I Still Find New Issues?

by Sophie February 13, 2011 Awakening

I do energy work on myself nearly every day, because it’s my favorite thing in the world to be connected to the Divine, it’s become second nature and it makes my life a lot easier. So you can imagine how much energy work I have done on myself over the past 12 years! And yet […]

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Travelling to the Light

by Sophie September 21, 2010 Angels

A healer can be like a mother, a friend, a therapist, a spiritual guide or a good technician. Hopefully your healer is all of these things at once. Your healer is also your traveling guide. There is A LOT we don’t know about ‘out there’ and about the Divine. But healers know more about it […]

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What is Your Soul Contract?

by Sophie August 14, 2010 Past lives

Your soul contract is what your soul promised to achieve before you incarnated. You may have made that decision 5 minutes before you were born, as you were dying in a previous life, as you took oaths in past lives, as you were being created during what we think of as the Big Bang or […]

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