Not Necessary to Suffer in Order to Help Anymore

by Sophie March 27, 2013 Abuse

During the week of Easter in 2005, I felt that something changed dramatically in the Western world. All of a sudden, it was not necessary to sacrifice ourselves to redeem others. It was not necessary to be in pain to help others. It was not necessary to take onto yourself the pain of another to […]

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Awakening the Healer Within: Free Teleclass (read now)

by Sophie September 4, 2011 Ascension

What if you could live in the Heart of God?¬† What if your Divine connection could Awaken the Healer Within? Do you know what it takes to stay balanced in your every day life so that your core can always connect to intuition and inspiration? So that you can create healing in your life? Every […]

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How much I Have Loved

by Sophie March 21, 2011 Emotions

How much I have love across the galaxies. How much I have loved across the Universe. How much I have loved through time and in so many different facets. How much I have lost as creation re-invents itself, remodels itself beyond recognition. How painful the changes when love is not met by love, when the […]

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More Tears? Release Pain!

by Sophie May 19, 2010 General

Last Sunday was hard on a lot of people. It brought up: more tears depression accidents feelings of loneliness or isolation Where did it come from? From: having old issues come up again when we thought they were solved being faced with the consequences of poor choices experiencing the consequences of complacency the need to […]

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Do you know someone whose life was changed by Reiki?

by Sophie November 4, 2009 Attunements

I started as a healer when I became a Reiki Master 11 years ago. I still use Reiki daily: it’s in my hands so it goes into everything I touch, cook, draw, paint and use. I also use it for “hands on” and remote healing to reduce pain pretty much instantly. It can also be […]

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Why “Love” Hurts

by Sophie July 11, 2009 Love

“How did “love”, life’s greatest joy, our true nature become “unsafe“?” asked Ken Energy today on Twitter (@holymully). He asks the BEST questions! Honestly, the guy is a genius overflowing with compassion for humankind. Which is why his question resonates deeply into the pain of so many broken hearts.I agree with Ken: Love is our […]

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What does a Quantum Healer Do?

by Sophie June 1, 2009 Healing

I remove pain and replace it with love. That’s what I do in a nutshell:¬†take away the pain, erase the trauma and create joy. We all have our history, and our stories, that we carry around: it is now proven that the body remembers everything that happened to it since conception (some would say before […]

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Turn the Shame Into Love

by Sophie May 21, 2009 Abuse

I am in agony of pain. It doesn’t happen often anymore. But today I am in agony of pain. On Twitter I am known as ‘Happy Sophie’, ‘Wise Sophie’, ‘Wonderful Sophie’. All the loving things people say about me. I love Tweeples for saying all this and I love myself for bringing all these friends […]

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