Love is an Action Verb

by Sophie October 9, 2014 Abuse survivor

Love is an action verb. Not my most original thought, I know. Except that now, maybe as a result of this recent Kali energy phase, or the  hours of energy work in the past few weeks,  it’s not just a thought any more. It’s a feeling, a gut reaction and a deep understanding. Don’t tell […]

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About Naive People

by Sophie July 30, 2013 Abuse

We are never done protecting the children, the weak, the incarnated angels. Those who appear to be naive, to give too much, to trust too easily. I have a special fondness for them because they have direct access to the heart of God. They remind me of who I am at my core, they are […]

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Consciousness and Love

by Sophie April 28, 2013 Ascension

In a life so long ago, slumbering consciousness awoke and was becoming aware of itself. Darkness and ligh , confused and numb, it was wondering. The wondering created thought and the thought created worlds.Consciousness looked at the worlds and had tenderness for them. That is how Consciousness learned that it was Love. Love kept on […]

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The Goddess is on the Move

by Sophie March 5, 2013 Ascension

That is the phrase I woke up to last week: “The Goddess is on the move”, with the image of a friend I was meant to relay the message to. Of course if the Goddess is on the move, it is affecting all of us, not just my friend. I know this to be true […]

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Have I Loved In Vain?

by Sophie December 29, 2012 Emotions

Sometimes the human part of me wonders if I have loved in vain. If I wasted my time loving someone who did not make it, someone who did not understand, someone who did not love back, someone who left, someone who felt as if they were never really there, someone who did not see me. […]

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Does It Make Sense To Be At One With The Divine?

by Sophie October 1, 2012 Blessing

Yesterday a friend and I were discussing what it feels like to be at one with the divine. He  wrote: “You are speaking about what you’ve experienced. I’m speaking in a theoretical sense, but naturally I feel pretty strongly about what makes sense to me.” What I told him is that I am happy to […]

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How to Recover from Abuse

by Sophie June 5, 2012 Abuse

Experiencing life in a human body is all about riding the waves, the ups and down,  the ebb and flow, coming and going, day and night, rest and activity, with and without. One of the (many) problems with abuse is that trauma freezes us at one end of the spectrum, usually the “without” end of […]

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Winter Solstice

by Sophie December 11, 2011 Intention

Winter solstice is approaching fast and I have gone into a spontaneous mild trance. It happens every year and before I understood the energies that surround Dec 21, the trance used to get in the way of Christmas preparation (true of any holiday, whatever your family’s tradition). Now that I understand what’s going on, life […]

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When Energy Healing is Mainstream…

by Sophie November 22, 2011 Angels

30 years ago I discovered psychotherapy and I realized I had a shot at creating a life I really wanted. Soon after I became aware of angels and started communicating with them. 20 years ago very few knew about probiotics when I was first prescribed Acidophilus by my acupuncturist and started clawing my way back to […]

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by Sophie November 9, 2011 Angels

I was expecting the days leading to Friday 11/11/11 to be easy flowing and exuberantly joyful because this year is supposed to be so special and so many spiritual teachers are offering retreats and magnificent events. But as usual with the 11.11 portal, it is creeping up on me really quietly and in a very […]

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